Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Greek Independence Day!

Even though the Greek Revolution took place between 1821 and 1830, we celebrate Greece's independence from the Ottoman Empire on March 25.

Listen to me, talking like I'm Greek and like I celebrate every year! (And like I know what's up.. Wikipedia makes me sound way smarter than I am, even though I'm pretty ding dang smart.)

Tonight, I'm headed to Majestic, in the Central West End, to celebrate the freedom of my people. Hehehaha I'm totally looking forward to it! Blue Pints, Beer Pong Tournament, Gyros (Except I can't eat those, because I'm Catholic and it's Lent.. better than being Ottoman Empirish and getting beat up), and Ouzo.. which I just looked up.. it'll get you drunk, 'nuff said.

Below is what served as the "rallying cry" for the Greeks against the Ottoman empire. I hope we sing I learn we sing this baby tonight!

Of course this has been translated into English, my native tongue.

For how long, o brave young men, shall we live in fastnesses,
Alone, like lions, on the ridges in the mountains?
Shall we dwell in caves, looking out on branches,
Fleeing from the world on account of bitter serfdom?
Abandoning brothers, sisters, parents, homeland
Friends, children, and all of our kin?
Better one hour of free life,
Than forty years of slavery and prison.[19]

You can bet I'm totally wearing blue and white tonight.

I'm gonna go all 4th of July on this 25th day of March, 2011. And remember, as my friend William Wallace said, "It's all for nothing if you don't have freedom."

Have a great weekend! Happy Independence Day, Greeks!

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