Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring it on!

It has already been sproughten.

Didn't work as well, did it?

And it's still snowing in the Midwest! Saturday we got about 6 inches. Not kidding! It was heavy snow. Perfect for packing snowballs and heaving them at passing cars!! Driving through neighborhoods was seriously amazing! It was gorgeous! Mom and I wore flats with no socks. Even though Dad said, "We're supposed to get 1 to 3 inches." And then when we got home, we said to Dad, "Why didn't you tell us it was going to snow!" Hahaha Poor, poor Bud.

Anyway, most of it is gone.. But I think snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. Let's check.

Yeppers! Totes gonna snow again! But check out the weather for Thursday. Perfect for jeans, red cowboy boots, and my red St. Louis Cardinals coat!! That's right. It's opening day! Go Cards!

Greek Independence Day was so fun! I recommend being Greek, if you aren't already.
I rode a donkey. And the Ouzo was terrible!

Happy Monday!

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