Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm March Mad.

Ok. So, I have mixed feelings on broadcasting my March Madness picks and opinions. On one hand, I'm reading everyone's March Madness Facebook statuses and I'm annoyed.. even though, I'm a college basketball fan, and I participate in March Madness every year.. I just feel like people are updating their statuses like they are the only ones participating or winning or losing.. NEWS FLASH!! Majority is watching, listening, reading, or there! And when someone's status says, "Go Louisville! Show Morehead State what Division 1 basketball is all about." I want to punch them. I get they're from Louisville, that's just super. However, as a student-athlete graduate from Murray State, aren't you kind of dissing yourself? I mean, Murray and Morehead are from the same conference. So, basically you're calling your Division 1 college career, what? No good? Worse than one you might have had at Louisville? Then why didn't you go to Louisville? Keep that answer to yourselves.. I'm not here to hurt anyone's feelings.. deliberately. I know, I'm confused, too. And even if you aren't dissing yourself, you're totally joshin' on Murray State and I'm taking it personal. Then, what happens? Morehead State wins! Here come the excuses!! My favorite.. bad refs, right? The first people everyone blames. It couldn't be that Louisville just lost.. that doesn't make any sense! Go Eagles. Go OVC! And you, with the status, if you're reading this.. UNFRIEND! Yeah, that's right.

Speaking of refs, I hate when, again, someone is rooting for a team.. let's say Illinois.. and there is a game changing call late in the game.. and Illinois is on the losing end of said call, comments are made dubbing the call a "bad" call, right? However, the fans on the winning end of that call, let's say for Mizzou, are obviously ok with the call. This is a generalization. Because that's generally what happens, right? However, if Illinois was on the winning end of that same call, what does the Illinois fan say now? Bingo! GREAT CALL. True basketball fans know what's up. A bad call is a bad call.. regardless of team, tradition, and loyalty.

Who am I rooting for? I'm glad you asked. UNC, baby! Every year! Every sport, any seed. My only ties are to Murray State.. Born and raised in St. Louis, MO doesn't make me a Mizzou fan.. puh-lease. In fact, did you see who Mizzou got first round?? Cincinnati! Mick Cronin's (former MSU coach!) bunch. Guess who I picked to win. Cincinnati. Guess who won. Cincinnati. Guess why. Mick Cronin.

TGIF! Have a great weekend!

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