Monday, March 14, 2011


We. Have. Snow! Like 4 inches! And it's still snowing! OMG! Don't worry, it will be 75 degrees on Thursday (St. Pat's!).. A standard week in weather for the midwest. I feel like this is our worst snow, yet! I mean we got those 8 inches a couple months ago, and there were a couple inches of ice underneath, but everyone stayed home. I think the weather people meteorologists knew snow was coming, but they downplayed it, almost poo-poo-ed it, in fact! WELL, I don't think this is anything to poo-poo. (I just wanted to say poo-poo, again)

NORDYNE parking lot..
Anyway, it's Lent. I'm writing a letter to my sweet (Great) Aunt Corrine every week. This week is week 1, even tho last week probably should have been. That's ok, though. I will repent. And be forgiven. Because that's how God rolls.

Easter is coming, which means Reese's Eggs are in stores (NOW!). The only way to eat a Reese's Cup is in an egg shape!! They're so delicious that way!

What else.. I have a new follower! That's right, I'm being stalked. Just kidding, a new follower of/on? my blog!! DUH! First Lt. Timothy Crane Konze. Don't mess with me, he knows how to use grenades, and guns, and bigger guns! Was that inappropriate? And he's a SBTB fanatic! He's in Georgia now. At Fort Benning. And we watch SBTB "together" in the mornings.. precious, right? Actually, that's only happened twice, Friday and today. But it will continue, go to Vegas and bet on it.

And, GET THIS. Timmy knows Babe Ruth, too. On the reals. That's how we met.. through Babe Ruth. Pay attention: Tim used to mow the lawn for his elderly neighbor lady. His elderly neighbor lady went to school with Babe Ruth's daughter, Babe Ruth used to walk the girls home from school. Yahtzee!

Happy Monday! 

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