Wednesday, March 9, 2011


OH. EM. GEE! Have you seen the movie, "Up"? If not.. watch it. If you haven't, this may or may not impress you. Well, it should impress you regardless, but still..

Ok, did you see this on the news?

National Geographic is the shiznit.

Here are a couple of images.

According to the above article, the house reached 10,000 feet and was in the air for about an hour. Looks like it will be part of a new TV show, beginning this fall. I didn't research much more (And I don't have sound here, in case they tell you what happened in the video).. like where it landed, but perhaps they're holding that information hostage for the show.

This little balloon plus house experiment was good for a new World Record.. largest balloon cluster flight ever. Yahoo!

Happy Wednesday!

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